The first years in Indonesia, I still think that the Javanese women’s are not emancipated.
Because I ´ve seen it with The European toffee-nosed.
End of 2001, me and my Husband should stay about one month in Jakarta, of course we should stay in his Family Houses and in order to respect each family. We should move from family to other family each 3 or 4 days.

Till that time because we just stay for really a short time in Jakarta, so we could stay for free in one of the Hotels from his Sisters…exact  it’s own by his Sister and not his brother in law, because of  Javanese family tradition in most instances the owner ship belong to the woman with a children.

Raden Ajeng Kartini
Raden Adjeng Kartini (1879–1904)
Activist, Journalist, Women’s Rights Activist

Raden Adjeng Kartini is a Javanese noblewoman  and is best known as a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for native Indonesians.



In this time I can observe what happen in those normal course of life, while most of them have completely large house and Garden, in family days meeting I can feel it how big the power of the Javanese Woman and How they handled their family and husband.

Especially in families life the man does not have to say and is right like his children, in case that one of his Brother didn’t agree with his wife so my mother in Law protect her daughter in Law or  stay in  the sides of my sister-in-law.

In other sides the woman’s espouse and really think with which their husband make, so if you ever heard “behind the great  man, staying always the strong and wise woman” it is the normal value for the old Javanese Tradition……I will write further, thus up to next times.

Written by Miriam 2002



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