It was Summer 1994 as my Professor at University of Cologne send me to The Research Institute for Operations Management (FIR) in Aachen to learn the basic of communication between two Computers, because at that time was not so easy like now a days.

I should learn all about it as a part of my preparation for the journey in indien, to send all report from the place where new culture wave will born, to my professor in Cologne.
I should meet a really good friends from my Professor there,Prof.DR.Dr.Ing. Labello !
a really friendly, respected an Scientific man, who already pointed one of his technical assistant to teach me about all that stuff.
It was a sunny shine Morning, the weather was wonderful so the people too, every one and every faces shining too!
I just tried to push the unwieldy big glass Door at main entrance of FIR, as one Asian Guy give me a hand to push it together.

So then I ask him directly where I can meet this friends of my professor, but instead to answer me, he ask me with his giggle “So You are the smart and beauty Miriam from Cologne?” 

Than I kick him bag and giggle ” I’m not smart but greatly pretty!, and you said it first Smart and then beauty ?”
My question make him laughter as a small Boy..and I like that…Our Son laughing like that too now.

So I haven’t give him a time to answer my first question and start my second comment “don’t you know the woman like that man told them they are Beautiful?”

Suddenly he stop to laughing and answer me “me Lady, may I answering your questions in short sentence ? “beauty is easy, but smart is not breeze ! it is a hart works” 

I know the real Answer why for him more important Smart then The beauty really late, on the ceremony in Our Traditional Javanese Weeding ceremony in Solo, it is the influence of his Javanese Education from his Mom and I’ll tell you later about this.

Any way he show and introduce me with his Master Prof.DR.Dr.Ing. Labello, who said directly “oh you know already each other, you both will be a good team” and he look to Mastri and spree with him “and You just show her the computer communication, that’s all have a nice Days you Both”.

I savour every minute with him, he is real good teacher and really patient, this short 3 days with him change many My point of view and 
of course we become a real good friends.

Before we said good Bye, I’ll promised him, to lean about The Javanese Culture and Kejawen ..of course to pleased him 😉, and I’ll send him an E-mail from time to time.. I’ll write you the next view days….

Wrote by Miriam January 2002
I need some Tips, How I could I Write it Better?
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