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A life and Romance travel experience Blogger.
I’ ll try to write You an Interesting experience and hope that you really enjoying to read it.
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First of all, Let us know about the meaning of AdaIndo, and why we chose this name for our businesses.

For us it was really Important because, we should stay to keep growing and stay behind this Name.

One think that we both know promptly as we meet, we’ll always have a Creative communication with each other, between Mastri and me.

Ada in Bahasa Indonesia mean: to be or will be Exist, so that’s why we agreed to use this combination of words as I came to Indonesia to join my Boyfriend who already stay for a while in Indonesian.

Later on he became my Lovely Husband, someone who always try to understand me and Help me but let me free to do like what I want do.
By the way my Friends was Ada Language Fanatic too, that’s why he love it this name AdaIndo.

I really don’t know, will I be exist in Indonesia or not, for me exist mean not just a money but inside me too.

Event I grew up with two different culture, but it is not sure for me may I be Happy with all the life in Indonesian or live in Sadness.

Indonesian culture should be my third culture and do I Taft enough and ready to learn this third culture?
One thing that I’m really sure was, that I will be Happy to live together with my Lovely Boyfriend and his Family.

I know from our correspondence that most of his Family were living in Europe and His mom grown up in one boarding school in Amsterdam,
so we would not have a Communication or culture shock problem, between us.

But I can just stay at home and living around with him and his family, I would like to be active and enjoy the life like I did in Europe or some where else.

And the first time as I learn about Indonesian…as I start to Fall in Love with Mastri ;-)…You can imagine how interesting Indonesian for me 
as an Cultural Anthropology, to learn about a Land with more than 13 000 Island and more than 300 different languages and of course Culture.

All those experience will I write You, as I look for Publisher, who would like to manage the retailing in English, German and Indonesian languages of all our story!


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